Friday, May 30, 2008


Terrorism the deliberate creation of fear to bring out political change. in order to do this terrorists scared people by using violence. No one knows for sure how terrorism came to exist but what we all know is that it causes the death of many innocent people and brings the feeling of anger to different cultures or different countries. The article I was reading about terrorism , said that terrorists are people who is only seeking for publicity. The think that this inhuman acts can bring them to the top of the world, the most wanted ones.This people or terrorists are only seeking for "fame" and they are planing to get it by attacking places and killing innocent people. I think this information is important because is shows what terrorists are really standing for, they only want to destroy people's life and destroy the relationship between other nations, bringing violence and discontent as result.
this picture shows a terrorist attack9-11

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@JenRoberts1 said...

A very powerful picture. You should probably include this in your presentation. Where did you get it from?
Link to it and include the URL.